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Les Gîtes de Sylilanse SARL – June 2018



General rental conditions

Our rental conditions below are valid for reservations with Clévacances Holiday Rentals and Bed and Breakfasts. For all other bookings with another online service, please refer to the conditions on the website used, thank you.


Article 1. Purpose: This contract is reserved for the exclusive use of Holiday Rentals and Bed and Breakfast approved Clévacances and only French law is applicable to the contract.


Article 2. General Provisions: No modification (erasure, overload, …) will be accepted in the drafting of the contract without the agreement of both parties. The owner agrees not to disclose to any third party any information whatsoever, on any medium whatsoever, that the tenant has been brought to give him on the occasion of the execution of this contract. These latter provisions, however, are not applicable to requests for information made by administrations and / or the Courts.


Article 3. Conclusion of the contract and payment: The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has returned to the owner a copy of this contract accompanied by the amount of the deposit of the stay, before the date indicated on the front. The balance of the rent must be paid no later than the day of arrival. Charges not included in the rent must be paid at end of stay.


Article 4. Security deposit: The tenant pays a deposit upon arrival. It will be returned within a maximum period of 15 days for guest rooms and 1 month for rentals, less the owner, the amounts payable by the tenant for the purpose of rehabilitation. The amount of these deductions will have to be duly justified by the owner on the basis of the contradictory inventory of the exit, report of bailiff, estimate, invoices … If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum on the basis of the supporting documents provided by the owner. This bond can not be affected or considered as a contribution to the payment of rent.


Article 5. Duration: The tenant must leave the premises at the time stipulated by the contract or at a time convenient to the owner, after inventory. The tenant can not under any circumstances invoke any right to maintain the premises at the expiry of the rental period initially provided for in the contract, unless agreed by the owner.


Article 6. Use of the premises: The owner will provide the accommodation as described and will keep it serviceable. The tenant will enjoy the rental in a peaceful way and make good use of it, according to the destination of the place. Rented premises are used for temporary housing or holidays, excluding any professional activity of any kind whatsoever (maximum 3 months). Upon departure, the tenant agrees to make the rental as clean as he found it on arrival. Any repairs of whatever importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant during the hiring, will be his responsibility. The rental can not in any case benefit third parties, unless prior agreement of the owner. Subletting is prohibited to the lessee, even free of charge, under penalty of termination of contract; the full amount of the rent remaining acquired or due to the owner.

The installation of tents or the parking of caravans on the land of the rented property is prohibited, unless prior agreement of the owner. The number of tenants can not be greater than the maximum capacity indicated on the catalog or description. Exceptionally and subject to the agreement of the owner, it may be derogated from this rule. In this case, the owner will be entitled to receive a price increase which must be previously communicated to the tenant and recorded on the rental agreement.


Article 7. Reception of animals: If the owner accepts the reception of domestic animals, the tenant must specify to him the animals which accompany it. The front of the contract specifies the tariff conditions of reception of these animals. A rules of procedure defined by the owner can specify the modalities of reception of these animals.


Article 8. Inventory and Inventory: The contradictory inventory and inventory of furniture and other equipment are made at the beginning and end of the stay by the owner or his duly authorized representative with written authority, and the tenant. In case of impossibility to proceed to the inventory upon arrival, the tenant will have 72 hours to check the inventory displayed and report to the owner the anomalies noted (for stays of less than or equal to 4 days, the 72-hour period is reduced to 24 hours). After this period, the rented goods will be considered as free from damage to the tenant’s entrance. A contradictory inventory of exit must be established. The tenant agrees that this inventory can be made with the owner or his agent. If the owner or his agent finds damage, he must inform the tenant within a week.


Article 9. Conditions of termination: Any termination of this contract must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of receipt being taken as proof. a) Termination on the tenant’s initiative. In case of cancellation by the tenant before arrival in the premises, the deposit remains with the owner, and the balance of the amount of the stay is entirely due by the tenant. If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the date of arrival indicated on the contract, this contract is canceled and the owner can dispose of his rent. The deposit is also acquired to the landlord who can request the payment of the balance of the rent.
b) Termination on the initiative of the owner. In the event of cancellation by the owner, the latter gives the tenant the full amount paid. The tenant can claim damages or compensation for non-pecuniary damage and financial loss.
c) In case of termination during the contract. When the cancellation of the contract by the owner intervenes during the duration of the lease, it must be duly justified (failure to pay the rent, check without provision issued by the tenant, proven deterioration of the rented places, complaints of the neighborhood, …). This cancellation, which occurs by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, causes the departure of the tenant within two days of the date of receipt of the letter notifying him this decision. In this case, whatever the cause of the termination, the full amount of rent remains acquired to the owner. The owner reserves the right to keep the deposit amount under the conditions specified in the paragraph « security deposit ».


Article 10. Interruption of stay: In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not questioned, there will be no refund, except the deposit.


Article 11. Insurance: The tenant is obliged to insure the rented premises. He must check if his main housing contract provides for resort extension (vacation rental). In the opposite case, he must intervene with his insurance company and ask him for the extension of the guarantee or subscribe to a particular contract, under clause « vacation ». An insurance certificate will be required upon entry into the premises.


Article 12. Disputes: Any complaint must be sent as soon as possible to the Territorial Antenna approved Clévacances, which will intervene to promote the amicable settlement of disputes:

-if the contract has been signed by the owner and the tenant, -if the complaint is made in the first three days after the arrival, for any dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures or the descriptive state,

-at the end of the stay for all other disputes within a maximum period of 1 month. For all disputes that arise from the execution or interruption of this contract, only the Courts of the jurisdiction of the location of the building object of the lease are competent.

In accordance with Article L.612.1 of the Consumer Code, you can use the MEDICYS mediation service for which we report:

– electronically:
– or by post: MEDICYS – 73, bd. of Clichy – 75009 PARIS


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