Abhyanga Massage

New for July-August 2020: even more relaxation, more serenity, more well-being!

One hour Abhyanga massage offered for one person for any week of rental (from Saturday to Saturday) of gite or Goute d’Ô for the period July and August 2020. (massage provided on Tuesdays and / or Thursdays in July and August 2020). For stays of less than a week, you can benefit from additional care for your rental, care on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment for the period July and August 2020.


Anticipate by making an appointment before your stay! Call Sandrine at 07 82 90 65 52.


The treatments are carried out by Sandrine, she acquired her knowledge from her first master Ayurveda Dr ABOURAHAMAN clinical Jiva Ayurvéda (India) and obtained her therapist certificate Practitioner in Ayurvedic nutrition at the French Yoga Institute / Ayurveda (Nimes), she also obtained various training courses (“Training in Ayurvedic massages”, “Training in small Ayurveda & Childhood Vedas”, “Healing psychological and emotional trauma with Ayurveda”, “Managing stress and burn out”, “Pharmacy in cooking according to Ayurveda “,” Plantar reflexology training “).


Sandrine will know how to relax you and make you spend a moment of absolute relaxation, a parenthesis of well being!

Possibility of discovering other treatments during your stay:

Abhyanga Massage: 80 €

Full body massage with warm oils, helps relieve muscle tension. Helps harmonize blood circulation, provide well-being and energy. The immune system is strengthened, the digestive system is more efficient. The body regains more resistance to external aggressions.

1h30 session

Reiki: 70€

Reiki works against stress, emotional trauma and fatigue. This method from Eastern traditions, accelerates the process of getting back into shape.

1 hour session

Udvartana Massage: 90€

This massage fights stress and beautifies the skin. Thanks to the dense handles of flour placed in the palm of the masseur’s hands, the massager deeply cleanses the skin, while improving blood circulation. Fats and cellulite are dissolved and absorbed. The parts of the body affected by “orange peel” are erased. Thus massage contributes to the beauty of the epidermis by providing soft skin.

1 hour session

Foot reflexology: 55€

The foot is considered to be the miniaturized representation of the human body. By this natural manual technique, plantar reflexology will release the body’s self-regulating faculties via the nervous and energetic pathways. It has repercussions on vital energy and contributes to the fortification of the body, reduces the effects of stress by eliminating tensions and tiredness and improves circulation.

1 hour session